Grading around your home is designed to drain water away from the foundation walls. The drainage pattern for each lot is part of an overall subdivision-grading plan that is established by professional engineers for the entire development. Minor changes, to lot grading, may be made during construction. All lots are evaluated following completion of grading and sod to ensure compliance with the overall grading plan. Final grading certificates are issued and provided to the Municipality.

To assist water drainage on your lot, swales and catch basins are frequently installed. Swales must be kept free of landscaping, interlock, leaves, debris, gardens, shrubs, and sheds.

Swales and catch basins are designed to drain water away from the foundation during normal rainfall conditions. Prolonged rainfalls, excessive quantities of rain, or spring thaw conditions may cause ponding conditions for short periods of time. This is normal.

Do not change the grading on your lot as this could affect your lot drainage, as well as drainage on your neighbours’ lots. Re-grading by the homeowner, or improper landscaping may affect your warranty coverage.