The PDI appointment is a thorough on-site walk-through assessment of the condition of the home that is completed prior to possession by the home purchaser and a Moonhill Homes representative. This appointment is usually scheduled within a few days prior to possession.

As the walk-through travels through the home one room at a time, a record sheet is completed identifying any deficiencies, damages or inaccuracies observed. The report is designed to identify the features and details in each room to assess the workmanship, products, product condition and working order of the features of the home.

Subsequent to the PDI walkthrough, the homeowner has the opportunity to complete the 30-day Tarion form identifying any outstanding PDI items and new issues that may have been discovered.


The 30 Day Tarion Form is used to notify Tarion and the Builder of new warranty issues that have come up within the first 30 days of possession of your home and/or outstanding items from the PDI that need to be addressed. The form is to be submitted within the first 30 days of possession to be accepted by Tarion.

Following the completion of the 30-day warranty items, your next opportunity for warranty repairs with Moonhill Homes is at the 1-year anniversary of the possession of your home.

The next opportunity you will have to notify Tarion of outstanding statutory warranty items is on your Year-End Form which must be submitted during the last 30 days of the first year of possession and before the first anniversary of the day you took possession of your new home.